Fashion brand started in 1948, specializing in jackets and coats, most well-known for inventing the bomber jacket.
art directors
Alpha is misplaced as a "trendy, Instagram" brand even though it has a notable history.
Show that Alpha's iconic bomber jacket has had a rebellious cultural role throughout history by partnering with true social influencers.
campaign title
Break the Uniform
influencer collaboration
Alpha's bomber jackets were originally used for military uniforms, but people have instead worn it to rebel against social issues in politics to sexuality.

The Break the Uniform campaign partners with the leaders of leading social movements to continue this legacy of rebellion.

Leaders are given an Alpha bomber jacket which they can customize according to their beliefs. They will post with it on social media.

Below: Alyssa Milano from the #MeToo movement, David Hogg from March for Our Lives, Alicia Garza from Black Lives Matter
All of the customized jackets will be shown at a surprise exhibition. Historical highlights of the Alpha Industries brand is also shown.
At the exhibit, visitors can create their own custom patches that match causes they believe in. 10% of any sales revenue during the campaign goes back to support the causes.