bank of
Founded in 1904, Bank of America has become one of the biggest banks in the world.
art director
Loisse Ledres
People don't feel they can fully trust big banks.
Show customers that Bank of America cares to invest a lot into arts and culture programs at no extra cost to them.
campaign tagline
When you bank with us, you become a patron of the arts.
To begin the awareness campaign, famous art is placed in unconventional locations.

A distinct alteration to the art emphasizes the need for arts funding.
A stunt involves famous artist look-a-likes selling their creative wares at the flea market.
It is filmed and posted online. People realize if they purchase that Bank of America is behind it all.
Bank of America will sponsor one nominated artist every month through the new Patron Program.
Bank of America's homepage will temporarily change during the campaign to highlight their partnerships with arts and cultural organizations.