the care package
2019 Young Ones - Dove Men+Care Brief
Only 15% of U.S. fathers have paternity leave access, but most feel uncomfortable taking it because of fear their co-workers will judge them. So we used simple office supplies to infiltrate and educate workplaces that paternity leave is to their benefit, too.
art directors
Merit, 2019 Young Ones Competition
direct mail
Dove Men+Care will send The Care Package, a box of office supplies that provide bite-sized information on paternity leave's benefits and policies to offices across America.

Utilizing the traditional medium, Dove Men+Care can directly communicate and infiltrate offices in a subtle way.
Print ads along people's commute to work spark mystery around the different supplies.
Taking advantage of Dove Men+Care's existing pledge page for paternity leave, business leaders can easily order The Care Package for their offices.
People can have tangible objects they can share with the #TheCarePackage.
Through The Care Package, we are able to create a culture of care in a subtle way.