School Project for National Public Radio - NPR
Social divisions get bigger because we don’t listen to each other. The Sound of Humanity activation uses binaural audio to transport people to 360 soundscapes completely foreign to them.
art directors
Loisse Ledres
Committee Selection, 2019 Fashion Institute of Technology Senior Show
Since 1970, NPR has used the power of sound to fulfill their mission of making local stories national, national stories local, and global stories personal. This activation carries that mission forward.
Binaural or 3D audio is a reproduction of sound the way human ears hear it. Listening to binaural recordings help create a 360° sound that makes the listener feel like they are right in the scene. In the booth, lighting and scents correspond to the audio to enhance the experience.
Each sound booth experience is location-specific in order to maximize a reaction. For example, the Hindu wedding ceremony will be in Helena, Montana where there is virtually a nonexistent Indian population.
People will get a takeaway that gives them access to the rest of the audio recordings, so they can experience it themselves in their own time.