hush hush
2019 D&AD New Bloods - The Case for Her & McKinsey Design Brief
Around the world, there are 5,000 euphemisms for the word "period". This secrecy hinders progressive action to gather resources and programs for women and trans-men's menstrual health.

So we used the power of makeup to represent bloody secrets from around the world. People can now advocate and break through the silence with a bold eye look.
art directors
Loisse Ledres, Mandy Zou
The Case for Her and Glossier will collaborate on Hush Hush, a makeup palette named after period euphemisms from around the world.
Make-up products are serious about their packaging design. In response, Hush Hush is branded around the theme of secrecy, further emphasizing the issue it is addressing.
Every shade is from a specific country. Inside, info about the menstrual issues that continue in that country is shown.
social media
On May 28th, Menstrual Hygiene Day, people are encouraged to wear their boldest and loudest looks using the #MyBloodyLook to voice their support against the silence and stigma around menstruation.