Three years ago, I learned to skate so I wouldn't be late to class.
I only had 10 minutes to walk across campus. Learning wasn't easy. I fell a lot. I got a few gashes. On the way to work, I fell in a mall parking lot. My board and I almost got ran over. I limped from store to store asking for band-aids so I wouldn't come to work bleeding. The next day, I was back on the street.

Similarly as an Experience Designer in NYC, I never go with the easiest solution.
It may make me bleed a little, but in the end, it's a lot more fun that way.
2019 One Club Young Ones Merit Winner
2018 One Club Young Ones Gold Pencil Winner
2018 Adobe Design Achievement Awards 2x Semi-Finalist
PentagramxFIT Project featured on FIT website
Department Medals
for FIT's Communication Design AAS & Advertising and Digital Design BFA
#EXPERIENCE: Creative Technology and Design Annual Exhibition works showcased at Museum at FIT
#TIME: Creative Technology Annual Exhibition works showcased at Museum at FIT
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